Truffle Kale Chips in Dehydrator is a simple recipe using only three ingredients: truffle olive oil, kale and salt. Adaptable to your needs, these crunchy and healthy green chips go well in Buddha bowls, salads or snacks! A healthy alternative to chips, you’ll get hooked on those crispy Truffle Kale Chips in Dehydrator. The recipe is a no-brainer, wash, season, and dehydrate until dry. If you are looking for a healthy snack, this is great. Alternative Seasoning These are highly adaptable: seasoned them the way you like. I’ve used a lovely truffle of olive oil and salt for this version! The combination was fantastic, but it could be a hot pepper oil or powder for a spicy kick or a lovely walnut oil. You can create whatever flavour with them or leave them naturally with salt is also great! If you are more of a spicy lover, you can always add…