A “must have” for every fridge! A homemade sweet and sour canned zucchini relish that goes with eggs, cheeses, burgers and much more. Canned Zucchini Relish is so simple to make and quite frankly it’s a “must” to go with any type of meat, burger, cheese or hot dog! Relishes are a religion where I’m from, people make their own homemade versions once a year and sous-vide them before winter comes. In order to make reserves for the cold months to come. If you open the fridge of a Canadian, the chances are, you’ll see a version of a homemade relish or two in there. There are some more popular than others, like the beloved “ketchup aux fruits” (fruits relish) which is a mix of onion, pepper, apples and pears. Grandma Recipe This recipe is from ages ago, a real old handwritten recipe my grandma left me, which she probably…