Avocado coleslaw with cilantro and lime is a perfect hybrid between classical mayo creamy coleslaw and Mexican beloved guacamole. Super fast and easy recipe to make in the food processor, plus ultra healthy. This avocado coleslaw with lime and cilantro side dish is perfect for anything grilled on the BBQ! The recipe is basically a standard coleslaw with a little extra fresh cilantro/coriander, lime and creamy avocado. So simple! Healthier than mayo healthy and creamy avocado coleslaw Well everyone likes a creamy mayo coleslaw… but your heart not so much. This Coleslaw contains none of the saturated fat from mayo, only the ‘good type of fat’ from the avocados. Which is recommended to lower your LDL or bad cholesterol. This avocado dressing is a great alternative to the classic mayo coleslaw, plus it’s got this sunny Mexican flavour added to it. How can you resist? Forget about this old outdated…