Great way to use your leftovers of watermelon, a quench thirst punch! Try this sunny Watermelon punch with iced kiwis for rehydrating this summer by the pool! So summer is almost here… we’ll need to rehydrate ourselves with delicious juices… This watermelon punch is unavoidable for the summer, but I’ve pimped it up with iced-up kiwis and lime. This punch is the way to go if you have a brunch, pool event, or BBQ. You can add fresh sparkling water next to it for the ones who like theirs with bubbles… In my childhood, my favourite bubblegum was those big soft rectangular watermelon and kiwi flavoured ones. Today, as a grown-up, I find healthier ways to mix those two ingredients. These fruits are a great way to fill your body with vitamin C and hydrate during those hot summer days. I’ve frozen the kiwi pieces to serve as ice cubes…