Skinny Kir Royal with blueberries is an elegant and tasty way to break the ice before your next dinner party. It’s an aperitif from France, although usually it’s made out of creme de cassis which is a smooth blackcurrant 15% liquor. This drink is one of the only wine “cocktail” out there, with sangria, of course. In Brittany, they make the kir with sparkling cider, plus for the record; the original kir drink is actually made of white wine. When sparkling wine is used, then it becomes a Kir Royal, which I believe is bit more festive. It’s mostly served in a champagne flute and to prevent the drink from mixing up and becoming a pink messy and fizzy cocktail, add the cassis syrup in the end to make a clear color separation. This makes the drink so much more appealing and sophisticated. To be true to myself, I’ve made the original recipe slightly…