Kiwi and strawberry smoothie bowl is a way to refill your vitamin level and start the day fresh. This vegan bowl has an extra topping of almond and maple sugar flakes. I confess… I received a smoothie machine for Christmas, and this is my first smoothie bowl. Nor did I do many simple smoothies either… So being relatively new at it, I made an “obvious” choice of fruits, an always favourite of mine; sharp kiwi with juicy strawberry, and to calm things down, a banana! I often see those beautiful bowls online and want to plunge right in; this time, I finally did my own and plunge head-first into it after the photo session. Simple but divine! There is a lot to explore in the smoothie world. This Strawberry Smoothie Bowl is a great way and healthy way to start the day! Smooth Smoothie… The deal with smoothies is they…