On my way back from vacation in Germany, I had to use the next week to try out some of my favorite German recipes. German cuisine is often related to meat and potatoes, well this recipe is no exception. Knödel is a potato dumpling quite popular in Central Europe, although they call it Klöße in northern Germany. Usually for this particular recipe they would make a semmelknödel (bread dumpling) with it, not a potato one. I wanted to experiment more with the potato knödel, this week I’ve already done my first knödel with a beer beef stew which turned out great, although a bit too fluffy. This time I’ve changed the potato for a more waxy or “a less starchy” one which resulted in having to add lots and lots of starch and semolina. Conclusion: use potatoes with the most starch that you know of for those recipes, a russet potato for…