When you think of Strudel, you probably automatically picture a sweet apple strudel. Am I right? Well in Central Europe they make some great savory ones also. You can find some pumpkin, spinach, sauerkraut and more strudel types here and there. The one here is a simple cabbage and smoked bacon bits one, served with a delicious homemade horseradish-dill sauce. The original dough to cover Strudel is usually a thin and elastic puffy dough, but for this recipe I’ve used stacked phyllo sheets with a light spray of olive oil in between the sheets. I like the flakiness of the phyllo, plus it contain way less butter than the flaky puff dough. The only thing with phyllo is to make sure you to overlap the sheets so the liquid don’t escape from the strudel. Also when you cook with it, better add the strudel on the bottom level of the oven, than the bottom part can…