lactose free


Chicken pot pie with phyllo is a healthier version of the original pot pie. I’ve took the idea from the Jamie Oliver show, into which he did a nice salmon pie with phyllo, then I’ve figured, why not cut the fatty crust of the normal pot pie into this flaky healthier version with phyllo. The usual flaky dough is “heavy in butter”, most people buy those premade, so they don’t get to see the gigantic amount of butter it contains. Yes it’s good, and yes it’s flaky but I’ve found this alternative way with phyllo which is way healthier and suitable for lactose intolerant people, since phyllo is simply flour and water thin sheets. Sure you won’t do you own phyllo, you buy it predone in the freezer department, it’s practically impossible to make those paper thin dough sheets homemade. Strangely, all my life long, I’ve heard people tell me to never use…