Spicy bolognese with sweet potato lasagna is a new discovery, a punchy spicy bolognese sauce with a few layers of sweet potatoes to replace the lasagna pasta layers. Making this dish a gluten free one with tons of flavors and frankly, the spicy-sweet touch is simply irresistible. Plus, to give some extra smooth texture to the lasagna, I’ve added a bechamel in the middle layer, just to smooth things out. The result is a delicious contrast of spicy, sweet and creamy lasagna. Talking sweet potatoes, those are the healthier choice to go with, they contains a lower glycemic index and carbs than normal potatoes, plus they contain more vitamin A which is good for the eyes. The sweet potato only “problem” would be its taste; it’s almost too sweet. But when it’s equilibrated with enough spicy element, it becomes this perfect match, a delicious one. The recipe is separated into 3 parts, first the making of…