Luffa angular is my latest experiment, and as one knows… experiments don’t always turns out positive. This strange looking vegetable appeared at my Bangalis veggie store, I add to try it… I’ve asked the shop owner what to do with this long, snake look alike, vegetable and he told me to make a simple soup with shrimps in it. Then at home while researching… which was quite an extensive one… I saw some Chinese and Indian recipes, but nothing wow. So, I’ve chose the chinese version, I’ve substitute the shaoxing chinese cooking wine for dry Xeres, it turned out to be a failure. The angular luffa has a silky soft texture when vapor cooked, a really nice element, which was particularly interesting. Although after the first bite, I’ve encountered this bitterness… I think the Xeres substitution didn’t help on this. I like bitter, but this one was really sharp bitter, and I took the wrong friend (Xeres) to…