Authentic Bavarian Pretzel (Brezel ) recipe made with lye is traditional! A fluff and moist interior with a flavorful brown crust covered with big salt. There is nothing like a freshly cooked Bavarian Pretzel, warm and fluffy on the inside and firm and salty on the outside. In Germany, the home of pretzels, those knotted bread are spelled with a “B” (Brezel), while in English, it’s a “pret”zel with a “P” and a “T”. The Origin of Pretzel The precise origin of the pretzel isn’t clear, but what is clear is; its history is an extremely old one. From around Early Middle Ages, it made an appearance in paintings. Some say an Italian monk invented the famous pretzel to eat on Lent fasting. Its form reminded him of his arms joining to pray, and the three holes of the bread were the Holy Trinity. Others say it was a baker prisoner who had to perform…