Authentic Pretzel (Brezel) recipe made with lye, the real German way! A warm and moist inside with a flavorful crust and big salt.  There is nothing like a freshly cooked Brezel (Pretzel), moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside topped with a bunch of those crystal salts. In Germany, the home of pretzel/brezel, those knot breads are spelled with a “B” (Brezel), while in english it’s a “pret”zel with a “P” and a “t”, so forgive me if I write it with a “B” throughout the post, it’s a automatism since my husband is german and call them Brezel. The origin of Brezel (Pretzel) The precise origin of Brezel isn’t clear, but what is clear is; its history is an extremely old one. Being around since the Early Middle Ages and painted since the 12th century. Some say it was an Italian monk who invented the famous brezel to eat on the…