mais morado


Originating from the mountainous regions of Peru, Chicha Morada is a traditional alcohol-free beverage crafted from purple corn, pineapple peel, cinnamon and cloves. This delightful concoction is highly customizable, going from healthy to sweet. Despite its roots in Latin America, it is a delicious drink that deserves recognition worldwide. Chicha Morada holds a higher level of popularity in Peru than Coca-Cola. While it’s available in various forms, such as bottled, powdered, or gel, nothing compares to authentic homemade juice. Crafting it at home is surprisingly easy; the most challenging part may be sourcing dry purple corn (maíz morado), typically found at your local Latino market. If not available locally, you can likely find it online, ensuring it’s from Peru as they have the unique entirely purple cob. Particularly favoured among children, there’s also an adult version called Chicha de Jora, which includes alcohol, offering a different twist for the grown-ups.…