Spanish Burger has a thick patty made of minced pork, paprika, parsley and garlic topped with manchego cheese, roasted bell pepper and a nutty homemade Romesco sauce to give this burger an “Olé” touch! This Spanish burger tastes like Spain, with a lovely pork patty filled with sunny spices, a bit like chorizo style. It’s a really traditional recipe filled with Spanish flavours. They would also be great as tapas; a smaller version would make fantastic little bites. The Patties In Spain, pork is king! It’s everywhere: sandwiches, hams, meatballs, stuffing, etc. Plus, beef is pricy so they often use a mix of pork and beef or solely minced pork to make their burgers. Surprisingly juicy and tasty, these patties bring a whole new perspective on burgers. On top of that, I’ve spiced the patty up ‘chorizo’ style! I added some lovely paprika powder to the meat, giving it a sunny touch. The…