mar y montana


Fresh Stuffed Calamari with cured pancetta, rice, onion, garlic and bell pepper in a wine-paprika tomato sauce for an ultimate Surf and Turf dinner! Catalan gastronomy has a ton of “Surf N Turf” dishes. For example, meatballs with squids, chicken and crayfish, mar y montaña paella, etc. They call it: Mar y Montaña, which translates to sea and mountain. The Catalan surf and turf inspire this recipe, although instead of traditional ground meat, I’ve used a stuffing of rice, cured pancetta, onion, garlic and bell pepper dice. The Sauce The sauce is an easy traditional one of fried tomato paste, garlic and paprika with a touch of white wine (or water) and a few leaves of parsley for the final touch. This recipe is my twist on the Catalan Surf and Turf; it’s not a traditional dish but similar in taste. A Catalan Tradition Thanks to their geographical situation, the Catalans are the kings at mixing…