maracuya sour


The little brother drink of Pisco Sour, this version replaced the lime for passion fruit, also called Maracuya. Nothing is more pleasant than dipping your lips into this airy foam to reach this fruity Maracuya Sour cocktail! If a drink is waiting in paradise for our soul, Maracuya Sour would be it! A soft foamy, fruity drink with a touch of bitterness. There is no better drink, especially made with the actual fruit; Maracuya, also called passion fruit. So let’s do a deep dive into the specifics of this cocktail. Origin Pisco Sour is the pride of Peru, a type of Margarita made with pisco, lime, simple syrup, Angostura bitters and egg white. Well, this version is the same, but I exchanged the lime for Maracuya! Pisco is a type of grape-distilled spirit from Peru or Chile. It was produced by the Spanish settlers who wanted to recreate another spirit…