Tropical Smoothie Bowl is a fest of tropical fruits; passion fruit, mango and pineapple blended with coconut milk and ice cubes for an exotic start to the day. I don’t know for you, but tropical fruits are my favourites! This Tropical Smoothie Bowl is an ode to the tropics with its exotic flavours. The smoothie base is a pineapple and mango blended with coconut milk with a topping of pineapple, shredded coconut and last but not least, Passion fruit (or Maracuyá). Every bite has a new fun texture with an overall tropical flair! Without saying it’s filled with vitamins, let’s say… enough to last a year without getting scurvy. A great combination of exotic flavours complements one another beautifully. The Many Names of Passion Fruit To make it more straightforward… There are three popular Passion Fruits, yellow, purple and reddish. Which is without contest the more prominent names we’ll get…