meat pie


Drunken Guinness Meat Pie with a rustic thick crust to celebrate St-Patrick’s day this year? A pie filled with tender meat, carrots, onions and green peas. A perfect pairing to a cold Guinness! If you are one of those people who cannot resist a good Guinness on St-Patrick’s day, then this is the perfect meal to accompany your beer. Guinness beer isn’t just a great beer it’s also one of the highest quality broth out there, giving any stew or meat pie this deep and rich color and caramelize flavor. Also, Guinness pairs to perfection with one of my favorite sauce thickener; chocolate. Just a single piece of dark chocolate in the end of cooking, nothing too serious to impair its taste, will thicken the broth just enough and give the broth this richer color and thickness. This recipe could easily be a stew or a meat pie! If you add a 200 ml…