This colossal MeatBall is a minimalist rendition of the beloved meatball sauce. Brace yourself for an incredibly moist and flavour-packed meatball infused with aromatic spices bound to elicit goosebumps! Indulge in this exquisite Giant MeatBall Spaghetti, a minimalist adaptation of the cherished classic meatball sauce. Prepare to be thrilled as this delectable creation sends tingles of delight through the veins of carnivorous enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the succulence of a moist, spiced meatball delicately nestled in a humble yet flavorful onion-tomato sauce, accompanied by perfectly cooked al dente pasta. Get ready to savour a culinary experience that will leave you craving for more. This meal holds a special place in my heart as it intertwines with a meaningful story. A decade ago, in Panama, I crossed paths with my now-husband, who had an insatiable appetite for pasta, earning him the endearing nickname of ‘Pasta Monster.’ Despite being physically apart, our…