This giant MeatBall is a minimalistic touch to a classic meatball sauce. This moist and filled with aromatic spices meatball will guarantee goosebumps to any carnivores! Giant MeatBall Spaghetti is a minimalistic version of the classical meatball sauce we all love. This dish will bring goosebumps to carnivores, a moist meatball with spices served in a simple onion-tomato sauce and al dente pasta. This meal is also kind of the story close to my heart. When I met my husband ten years ago back in Panama, he used to eat so much pasta that I would call him a ‘Pasta monster.’ Later on, still in contact over the internet, I gave myself this “meatball princess” nickname to make sure he wouldn’t forget me… he didn’t. Since then, I have had to bring to perfection my meatballs to reach the actual title of “meatball princess.” The Meatball Magic Yes, there is plenty of magic in this meatball. Here are…