Main Meals · Sandwiches

Mediterranean Chicken Fajitas

Mediterranean Fajitas is a merge of two cuisines, the format is all Tex-Mex although the flavours are purely Mediterranean with lots of thyme, garlic, olive oil, etc. Let me explain the toppings first, this version of guacamole is made similar to the original one except, i’ve used flat leaf parsley instead of cilantro. Mediterranean means olive oil,… Continue reading Mediterranean Chicken Fajitas

Main Meals · Meat & Poultry

Cured ham chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies

Cured ham and sage chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies like zucchinis, yellow pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic, rosemary and thyme casserole is a light, packed with flavor, easy meal. I know… it’s a long… long… title for such a simple dish. A beloved “under 30 minutes meal” recipe, and filled with mediterranean flavors, who can resist that?… Continue reading Cured ham chicken rolls with mediterranean veggies

Main Meals · Vegetarian


Ratatouille is such an healthy, delicious and colourful vegetarian meal. You get to eat it with the eyes as much as with your tastebuds It’s a packed with flavors in my top 10 vegetarian recipes. The secret in this recipe lies at the bottom of the dish,  you don’t get to see… but it’s the core of the dish,… Continue reading Ratatouille