Dirty Cilantro Mojito is a great alternative to the traditional one, this mojito is just as refreshing and tasty as the original. Often in recipes you’ll see mint to be substitute by cilantro or vice versa… Well, I add a bunch of cilantro leaves to use… so guess what I had to try?… a Cilantro Mojito, of course! A great discovery, and delicious one too. It gives the famous drink a second life, a great new dimension to mojito. I’m still a great mint mojito lover but this is equally good, and if you are like me, and like a little change once in awhile, this is the way. Both mint and cilantro are filled with health benefits, minerals and vitamins of all kinds, so no winner on this side. The famous mojito cocktail was created in La Havana, Cuba. I’ve, for my part, discovered mojitos, while backpacking though central America, a few years ago, back…