An unctuous Mexican Beef Stew with a touch of heat made with a Mole-style sauce and tender beef cubes served with tortilla chips, corn and parsley. I was browsing the Web last week and saw lots of stews and Mexican food around… it made me want them both badly… so I’ve decided to merge them into one nice stew meal: a Mexican Stew. The two are comforting and fabulous dishes for winter times, but this stew version is double the comfort; it’s a “French” way stew with the usual carrot, potato, beef, and mini French onions merged into a spicy Mole-style sauce for a Mexican flair; adding Chipotle peppers in Adobo, tomato puree, chocolate, corn and some cinnamon, cumin and coriander powder. Result: A fantastic Mexican Beef Stew! Chipotle Peppers The mole sauce is a thick, spicy Mexican sauce made with chocolate and hot peppers. Since my maximal tolerance toward “spicy” is medium-hot, I’ve aimed at medium-hot for…