Morbiflette is a potato gratin on steroids! The Morbier cheese is melted on top of a creamy, winy and aromatic bed of potatoes. A pure delight for cheese lovers! Morbiflette is a tartiflette (potato covered with cream, fresh bacon bits, onions and reblochon cheese) but with Morbier cheese instead! If you are, like me, a cheese lover… This is the dish for you! Morbier isn’t a comparable cheese except maybe to Raclette cheese for its texture. Although its taste is bolder and brings in a lovely mineral tang no other cheese has. You’ll see, this cheesy dish is so simple and addictive… one bite is just never enough. Morbier Cheese Origin The protagonist is Morbier, a semi-soft cow cheese with a layer of vegetable rye in the middle. Two decades ago, the cheese was created by the cowherds from a calm land in the East part of France called the Franche-Comté region. This is where they…