Cauliflower Mornay is basically a cheesy béchamel sauce covering cooked cauliflower with some aromatics to give it un ‘je ne sais quoi’. So simple and impossible to miss, a great way to make the kids eat their veggies. What is Mornay? First of all a Mornay sauce is basically the same as a béchamel sauce but with cheese to it, making this lovely golden gratin finish on top! A perfect sauce to make your kids fall in love with any type of veggies. Cauliflower Mornay comes without using crazy amount of cheese or butter. Yes, you’ve heard me, it’s mostly milk in there! There is a spoon or two of butter, some flour and cheese amount is up to you again, if you prefer a lighter meal go lower… but in the end compared to the famous Hollandaise this Mornay sauce is a tad healthier. A great side kick to…