This chicken couscous recipe is a no brainer… It’s so simple and healthy, a everyday kind of meal. I went to Morocco a while back, and every single restaurant offered whether a chicken couscous dish or the famous chicken tajine dish. Don’t get me wrong here, it was delicious, but after 3 weeks of eating one or the other every diner… I thought I was done for life with couscous… if you know what I mean. But time pass, and you forget about that excess of couscous that happened a while back, and surrender all over again. Just not everyday though… Couscous is a western African meal, the origin isn’t known exactly but it goes back to around 200 b.c., created by the Berbers.  I’ve met that nice Moroccan guy and he told me that the couscous we eat in our “westerners” life isn’t the same as the real…