Shell pasta served with onion soup in a mug, with cheese, parsley and breadcrumbs. French Onion Soup Pasta is perfect for revamping your onion soup leftovers! This is my first-ever mug meal! I went to buy the mugs extra for this recipe. A shell-formed pasta served with leftover onion soup and a cheese gratin on top with a few breadcrumbs. Recalling the “French onion soup bread” gives the meal an extra crunch. It’s pretty simple to make and tasty, so if you have any onion soup leftovers at home, this French Onion Soup Pasta is the way to go! A Catalan Tradition as Inspiration French Onion Soup Pasta in a Mug The Shell Pasta You don’t get to see the shell pasta often on your plate. Where I live, in Barcelona, they call it “Galets,” it’s a famous pasta during the holiday season. They make a simple broth soup with it; sometimes, the shells…