Traditional Spanish dessert “Pera’s al vino,” or Mulled Wine Poached Pears, is the best of two worlds; fruits and wine merging into an easy and tasty bite. This dessert comes from the Spanish region of Rioja, which is well known for its deep red wines. These Mulled Wine Poached Pears are easy to make and don’t need much preparation. A must-know dessert that is gluten-free, egg, lactose and nut free too. Plus, you can make them ahead to let you concentrate on the rest of the feast. Which Type of Pear? For this particular recipe, Spaniards traditionally use “Pera Conferencia,” but it will be hard to find if you are in America. So any pear type holding good, not too filled with water, nor too porous should do. So pick a firm pear of your choice at the Farmer’s Market. The Spices Most people in Spain spice it up with cinnamon,…