Buckwheat crepes with mushroom filling are crunchy, gluten-free, savoury thin crepes filled with the best seasonal mushrooms, smooth thyme-aromatized bechamel and baby spinach. You can find all kinds of filling with these gluten-free savoury crepes. A popular one would be ham and cheese with an egg on top. For this one, I’ve used lovely seasonal mushrooms. To go with the mushrooms, what better sidekick than thyme to aromatize the smooth bechamel it swims in? Plus, to give it a little crunch, a few baby spinach. Buckwheat Crepes with Mushroom Filling will become one of your favourite low-carb recipes! Galette or Crepe? Buckwheat Crepes are also known as Galettes Bretonnes in France. They are made of water and buckwheat flour which is gluten-free. Sometimes, an egg is added to make it crunchier. Simple! Some versions mix regular flour with milk, like a typical white crepe. A true Galette Bretonne should be…