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Cranberry Gimlet is the perfect fizzy drink for the holidays! A fizzy ruby red cocktail; who could say no to this? A lovely mix of aromas from bitter cranberry to sweet mandarine, orange-infused gin and a touch of sparkling wine! The Holidays will taste much better this year! Impress your guests with this fizzy Christmas Cranberry Gimlet! The drink uses cranberry juice, the juice of a mandarine, some Sevilla-infused Tanqueray Gin (not sponsored), homemade cinnemon and mandarin syrup, and a lot of sparking wine! Because for the Holidays… bubbles are mandatory! Inspiration A Gimlet is an old classic of gin, sugar and lime. It was invented by sailors to fight against scurvy, in other words, to preserve the limes for longer on their long journeys. Still, many years later, this beloved sweet-and-sour drink is a scrumptious classic! Christmas Version To make this drink Christmas’y’, I’ve switched the sour lime with…