Pasta Paella, called Fideuà, is a Spanish dish similar to paella but made of thin noodles instead of rice. The pasta is fried, then soaked in stock with monkfish, clams, veggies and a touch of saffron. The Mediterranean coast of Spain has a gastronomy of their own, and one of its most distinctive dishes is the Pasta Paella (Fideuà). It’s similar to seafood paella but made with a noodle called Fideus. Usually served in a paella pan, this dish is more complicated than a standard paella! A professional Fideuà has the pasta straight up, like a porcupine presentation. To make this effect happen is an art! This version is a simplified home version. However, I’ll tell you how to nail a professional-looking Fideuà in the post. Let’s dive deep into this Mediterranean dish. General View The small 1 cm long and thin piece of noodle is similar to the ones we put…