oil free


Avocado & tahini dressing is an unctuous and yummy sauce going very well with any salad or bowl. A healthy oil-free dressing with yogurt, lemon and maple syrup. Don’t we all love a good fresh bowl of veggies, maybe add some nuts and cheese and voila! Ultra healthy way to eat lunch on the go and low carbs. Avocado & tahini dressing goes perfectly with any bowl; whether it’s a Poke, Buddha or Freestyle bowl like the one in the picture. This dressing will light up any meal, guaranteed! Holy Tahini Yep, tahini is holy! Well, this sesame seed paste got an A+ on the health side. It’s got all the benefits someone would dream of, from reducing inflammation to a great antioxidant. This seed might be minuscule but it’s got a whole lot of power, lots of proteins and vitamins. So, basically, yeah, it’s pretty holy… we should all…