Omelette is the French way of doing eggs, just like the Spanish have their tortilla de patata, the Italian their frittata, the Japanese their square omelette, etc. The way French makes omelette is quite a fast and precise way to make eggs, the technique can be a bit “a pain in the a..” at first, but once you nail it, you’ll never lose the skill. Some people add a little milk or water to the egg mixture before frying it in the pan, I, usually, do my omelette without any of those, simply a pinch of salt and pepper. Also, this dish version is with olive oil instead of butter, simply because I believe it’s healthier, and especially with the Mediterranean herb crusted goat cheese that I’ve used for the topping it fits perfectly. Butter is usually used… it’s a French recipe after all. The omelette can be served plain, of course, but most of…