oyster sauce


Those Oyster Sauce Bok Choy (chinese mini leafy cabbage) with a peanut bite to it is a great side dish to asian meal or just by itself with some rice. Healthy, simple and tasty! This is such an easy side dish or appetizer to make, nothing easier and it’s simply a nice fresh bite into a bunch of vitamins. We all have those moments we need to refill our energy level with some nice crunchy veggies, this dish will do just that. It’s a quite typical Chinese/Cantonese side dish. Some blanched the bok choy, others… like me steam them in the wok. I think it retains better the vegetable’s flavor. Some places call the vegetable by its Cantonese name which is bok choy (more precisely; baak choi), others call them Pak Choi, Pak Choy or Buk Choi which means “white vegetable”. Preparation of Bok Choy Before cooking them, start by soak them…