pa amb tomaquet


The ultimate tapa for Catalans, pa amb tomaquet, or Spaniards, pan con tomate, is the simplest and most beloved of tapas, a lightly grilled bread with tomato, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and, if you wish: a little garlic flair to it. Pan con Tomate Tapa – Pa amb Tomaquet (Catalan) If you’ve ever set foot in Barcelona or its region, you probably saw this Pan con Tomate or Pa amb tomaquet on every table. Omit ordering it at the restaurant… surely your waiter will ask you if you want some with your meal. It’s simply inconceivable not to order it. Pan con tomate, or its Catalan term Pa amb tomàquet, is an integral part of their culture. So popular, to the point of having a book written about it, by Leopold Pomés called Teoria i práctica del pa amb tomàquet. You know it’s a serious matter when a whole book is…