Red beetroot, red quinoa, red pepper and why not a few strawberries to make it extra red and tasty. Those red patties are a great alternative to falafel or even meat, they go where you like them to go, whether it’s a veggie burger, a wrap, a salad or just a snack by itself. They are also gluten free since buckwheat flour is used. You simply have to do different shapes, depending on what you intend to do with them. I usually like to put a bunch of different vegetables on the table with those red patties, and everyone does their own mix. You can add a nice tzatziki with it or a sweet mustard (mango mustard is great to, if you have some at home). In my case I did it with tzatziki a la Maria-Pia. As sidekicks;  avocados, goat cheese, spinach and tomatoes are fantastic. Those red patties are not…