Two times marinated Salmon Carpaccio for a double the flavor dish served with a pear-fennel sides done two ways; a soft and sweet compote and a crunchy marinated fennel and pear topping. This recipe is my take on a dish I had at a fantastic tapas bar called “la pepita”. However the original recipe was made with apples. I just love this combination of fennel and pear/apples, it brings certain “je ne sais quoi” to a dish. I assure you this dish is terribly simple to make although it might look like a lot going on in the instructions, believe me it’s not that difficult at all. For this recipe a good “sashimi” quality Salmon is in order, since we won’t cook the salmon fillet. Double marinated Salmon The first marinade is a “dry” one, a simple, Gravlax style, marinade made of salt, sugar and a touch of dill. However,…