Traditional Spanish dessert “Peras al vino” or Pears in Red Wine is the best of two worlds; fruits and wine merging into a sweet, spiced and colorful dessert that couldn’t be easier to make. This dessert comes from the Spanish region of Rioja, which is well known for its deep red wines. I don’t know for you but I’m a wino and this dessert is so refreshing, for once… a dessert without tons of flour, sugar or fat in it and frankly it taste simply divine. Plus, it’s terribly easy to make and can be prepared in advance. https://youtu.be/MCUXEwFyPdY Which type of pear? Well… for this particular recipe Spaniards traditionally use “pera conferencia” , but any pear type that is holding good, not too filled with water, nor too porous or mature should do, so pick a firm pear of your choice at the Farmer’s Market. A fairly common dessert in…