Living in Peru for a few months, one must learn how to make a good ceviche! It’s such an easy and light meal, perfect for summer. I had to make it all the way peruvian by adding the Quinoa element. So I found a nice quinoa fusilli, and mixed it with a shrimp ceviche. I came with this idea, of quinoa pasta ceviche, for a friend 40th birthday. She loves Peru so much and she had a surprise party, where everyone had to bring a meal… So… I’ve created this dish to honor her love for Peru. Back in Peru, where they say the ceviche is from, the Moche civilization (the guys before the Incas, situated on the coast), apparently created the dish. Today, the peruvians make ceviche mostly with fresh fish or shellfish, on the coast, even with shark… The peruvian ceviche is usually served with a side of sweet potatoes and choclo…