Pho Bo with Spinach and Shiitake is similar to authentic Vietnamese soup but with some extra crunchy spinach and shiitake mushrooms to give it a little twist. It is an aromatic soup served with hot bone broth, rice noodles and loads of veggies. Pho Vietnamese soups are a delicious, delicate and unique dish, but adding a few extras like spinach and shiitakes makes it a touch more special. The traditional pho bo soup contains a few pieces of thinly sliced beef swimming in a clear but aromatic broth with noodles and scallions. This Pho Bo with Spinach and Shiitake version is slightly simplified but has extra veggies and no cilantro. The Broth The tricky part of this soup is keeping the broth clear, see-through, and not blurry, although fully packed in flavour. Here are fun critical steps to a straightforward yet powerful broth: Pre-boil the bones and rinse them before starting…