picos de europa


Specialties from Picos de Europa National Park, Spain. Discover hidden gastronomic treasures from the famous Cabrales to the hearty stew “Fabada.” Picos de Europa is a small range of mountains in northern Spain a few kilometres away from the Atlantic Ocean, making it a “one of a kind” scenery with its 2000m high peaks perched right next to the ocean. It’s also Spain’s second most visited National park, although its low season is relatively calm. The park is divided into three regions; Cantabria, Asturias and Castilla y León, each with gastronomic particularities. So here are some Specialties from Picos de Europa! Let’s start by talking quantities… being in a rigorous surroundings, the local’s diet is quite calorific and mainly consists of meat, beans and cheese. If you order any main dish at the restaurant, the odds are that you’ll get a huge quantity. Except maybe for those avid hikers, it’s a safe bet to recommend sharing plates. Cocido Montañes and Lebaniego The first stop is…