pina colada


This Piña colada is so refreshing, plus it’s way healthier than the normal kind with no flavour loss. This recipe doesn’t use the fatty coconut milk, nor the cream, it’s all natural coco water, no added sugar. The benefits of coconut water are; it lowers blood pressure, also it’s apparently the best rehydrating liquid mother nature ever gave us (way more than those energy drinks), it’s filled with electrolytes, potassium (4 times more than a banana), low in sodium and calories, well it’s the perfect liquid and it taste good! Back to the Piña colada granita, I am still in a big dilemma as if… it’s a starter to open the stomach or to close it… I mean, it’s also a good pool party or afternoon snack. I guess, you’ll have to decide. The only important thing to remember about this granita is; consume right away! I’ve add the granita…