Blood Orange Salmon with Pistachio Crust is an extra fun and colourful dish. A tangy yet crunchy dose of sun and omega-3.  Pistachios are my favourite nuts, simply divine! Plus, they give any dish a nice crunch and colour. As for the side kick to the pistachio; a juicy orange which brings a touch of sun to the dish. I’ve used a blood orange, a special Spanish variety from Valencia which is incredible but any type of orange would do. Salmon with Pistachio Crust is a dinner made in under 30 minutes and contains just 5 ingredients, making it a star dish for any house chef. The Technique The salmon for this particular recipe is cooked solely in the oven with a short broil at the end of cooking to brown up the top and caramelize the sugars from the orange. The orange will lose most of its juice through the salmon…