Greek falafel pitas is a tasty, yet healthy bite for this summer. If… you are reasonable on the feta cheese, of course… I love to make meals with a bunch of veggies precut on the table, a creamy healthy dip and pitas, or fajitas bread and let people chose for themselves their fillings. Pita breads have a tendency to dry quite fast, resulting impossible to open them up to fill them, if this happen to you, simply add a little wet and clean kitchen towel over it without it touching the bread directly, let it work it’s magic 30-40 minutes, then they will open up again. Also possible to make them by yourself, although not the easiest… talking from experience here. For this recipe, I’ve simply bought some. Those falafels, a.k.a. wanna be falafel, aren’t the typical kind with the usual cumin, coriander, mint, etc. I’ve made them greek, so I’ve add…