Ponzu Steak on a Wasabi pumpkin purée is an almost asian dish, the underlying flavours are all japanese although the format of the dish is more western cuisine (steak, potato). The highlight of this dish find itself in the pumpkin purée, not in the meat. The steak is a simply well seasoned with coarse salt and pepper steak cooked to your liking in the pan or even better grilled on the BBQ with a touch of ponzu (soy sauce + citrus essence sauce) to top it in the end. If you do not have any space left in the pantry for yet another one of those too little used bottles, you can always replace the ponzu with tamari or soy sauce. The magic of this dish… you’ll find in the wasabi flavoured pumpkin purée. The technique is quite similar to mashed potatoes, except for the roasting of the pumpkin slices before mashing them up with the usual milk, butter, wasabi, salt and…