A cold and airy Coconut Mousse with a touch of lime to serve on your strawberries is the new way to go! Simple, and easy to make, you’ll never get back to whipped cream. You’ll say this looks exactly like the simple cup of strawberries topped with whipped cream… boring… but you are far from the truth! This is coconut milk infused with makrut lime leaves and turned into a foamy cloud. As soon as you’ll taste it, you’ll wish for the rest of your life, to have this mousse instead of whipped cream. I ate it, at first, in one of my favourite restaurants, as a side to a “Chocolate fondant” dessert. Coconut Mousse is so delicious! Technique You’ll need a siphon to foam it, without it you won’t be able to foam it up. Siphon is the last “kitchen gadget” I got myself… especially to reproduce this coco-lime mousse and I…