You’ll say this looks exactly like the simple cup of strawberries topped with whipped cream… boring… but you are far from the truth! This is a coconut milk infused with kaffir lime mousse. As soon as you’ll taste it, you’ll wish for the rest of your life, to have this mousse instead of that whipped cream. I ate it, at first, in one of my favorite restaurant, as a side cream to a “Chocolate fondant” dessert… So delicious! Another plus is: whipped cream is fat while this is made with coconut milk which is way lighter. I’ve used a siphon to foam it, obviously you can do it without, but then it’s simply gonna be a liquid, which taste as good though… Siphon is the last “kitchen gadget” I got myself… especially to reproduce this coco-lime mousse and I don’t regret it at all. You can do millions of recipes with it, cold to…