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Beetroot and Goat Cheese Mini Quiches

Beetroot and Goat Cheese Mini Quiches have ruby red interior with a white center of fresh goat cheese and a cup made the “rösti way” with seasoned grated potato for an extra colorful and fun bite. When you like a combination of 2 ingredients like I do, in this case it’s beetroot and goat cheese, you need to… Continue reading Beetroot and Goat Cheese Mini Quiches

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Mushroom sauce and Kale Knödel

On my way back from vacation in Germany, I had to use the next week to try out some of my favorite German recipes. German cuisine is often related to meat and potatoes, well this recipe is no exception. Knödel is a potato dumpling quite popular in Central Europe, although they call it Klöße in northern Germany.… Continue reading Mushroom sauce and Kale Knödel

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German beer beef stew with Knödeln

Coming back from holiday in Germany and I got myself some nice cooking books, my german isn’t so good yet, so it takes forever to understand a single recipe. But the one recipe I’ve always wanted to reproduce is the famous Knödel. This potato dumpling is in so many meals up in Germany or Central… Continue reading German beer beef stew with Knödeln

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Pâté Chinois/shepherd’s pie with a Spanish Twist

Pâté chinois is a typical French Canadian meal… Apparently created by the British railroad workers, in the 19th century, as an imitation of the famous “cottage pie” (beef, lamb and mashed potatoes). The dish was an imminent “hit”, at least, for the “on site” railroad workers which included many French Canadians and many Chinese workers. The… Continue reading Pâté Chinois/shepherd’s pie with a Spanish Twist

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Tortilla de patata violeta

  Living in Spain, one must know how to make a tortilla. Personally, I think they usually miss some color those traditional ones… so I’ve made a tortilla with purple potatoes instead of the usual white ones. They taste actually pretty much the same, it just nicer to look at and since I eat with my… Continue reading Tortilla de patata violeta