Morbiflette is a of potato gratin on steroids! The Morbier cheese is melted on top of a creamy, winy and aromatic bed of potatoes! A pure delight for cheese lovers! Morbiflette is a tartiflette (potato covered with cream, fresh bacon bits, onions and reblochon cheese) but with Morbier cheese instead! If you are, like me, a cheese lover… This is the dish for you! Morbier is such a unique cheese, there isn’t a comparable cheese, it’s a creamy strong flavored one, so if you aren’t used to those… stay with the reblochon tartiflette. Morbiflette is so simple, and simply addictive… one bite is just never enough. If you are not scared of putting on the weight and feel like a sin meal… try this one! Here it’s a 20 cm clay pot, and it was a full main meal but usually, in France, they eat morbiflette or tartiflette as an appetizer (10 cm…