If you ask any French Canadian living abroad; what they miss the most from home, it’s certain that you’ll see “the poutine” in the top 3. This is an emotional meal for any French Canadian and it’s actually pretty much impossible to reproduce the traditional one outside of Quebec because of the lack of that fresh of the day “squeech squeech” cheese. We say “squeech squeech” because it does that sound when we bite in it, although if it’s more than 24 hours old, the sound goes away. The cheese is in fact a fresh cheddar curd cheese and it’s main quality is, that’s the “secret of poutine”, that it doesn’t melt. So you can pour that hot gravy sauce on top of it and it won’t melt. Poutine is the meal you get after a night out with friends, or in a food stand in summer time, it’s always nice to…