Experience the True Tradition of Bavarian Pretzels (Brezel) Crafted with Lye! Indulge in a Delightfully Soft and Moist Interior, Encased in a Delectable Brown Crust and Generously Sprinkled with Coarse Salt. Indulge in a Just-Baked Bavarian Pretzel, with its Irresistible Fluffiness within and a Perfectly Salty Exterior. In the birthplace of Pretzels, Germany, these twisted pieces of bread are known as “Brezel,” while in English, we enjoy them as “Pretzels.” The authentic way of making them needs a light lye bath to give this brown colour to the Pretzels and this special Coarse Food-Grade Salt. The Origin of Pretzel The precise origin of the pretzel isn’t clear, but what is clear is; its history is an extremely old one. From around Early Middle Ages, it made an appearance in paintings. Some say an Italian monk invented the famous pretzel to eat on Lent fasting. Its form reminded him of his arms…