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Roasted pumpkin hummus

Roasted pumpkin hummus is this year new snack for Halloween. There is already the beets hummus, the avocado hummus, the roasted pepper hummus, etc. So why not make it seasonal and make a pumpkin hummus? I’ve used pretty much all the same ingredients as a traditional hummus, plus an extra pumpkin and curcuma, to make… Continue reading Roasted pumpkin hummus

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Coco-ginger roasted pumpkin soup

Coco-ginger roasted pumpkin soup is this fall “must try” soup. It’s a sweet and spicy soup, with a touch of smooth coconut milk. It may sound like a too sweet of a mix coconut + pumpkin… Well, the soup needs a good amount of ginger to counter the sweetness of those 2 sweet element, so… Continue reading Coco-ginger roasted pumpkin soup

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Ponzu Steak on a Wasabi pumpkin purée

Ponzu Steak on a Wasabi pumpkin purée is an almost asian dish, the underlying flavours are all japanese although the format of the dish is more western cuisine (steak, potato). The highlight of this dish find itself in the pumpkin purée, not in the meat. The steak is a simply well seasoned with coarse salt and pepper steak cooked to… Continue reading Ponzu Steak on a Wasabi pumpkin purée